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Posted by CorpseGrinderClock - August 14th, 2012


Tomorrow is CLOCK DAY! This is the day when the glorious CLOCK CREW shall descend from our cloistered, illuminati Olympus and bombard the Portal (or whatever it is these days) with masterful flash animations THE LIKES OF WHICH YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF EQUALING.

Think you can do better? By all means, show us what you've got! Tomorrow is the day to unload all the flash you can muster, and to vote five and be rewarded with a bounty of protection points from His Highness, StrawberryClock.

The Clock Crew has outdone itself this year, with multiple collabs and several big movies coming up, so don't be an asshat and miss it just because of team fortress robots or something!



Posted by CorpseGrinderClock - September 30th, 2011

Clocktober starts tomorrow, and the first big event of the season is Burger Day, dedicated to Hamburger and Baconburger Clock!

With all our exciting successes in August and September with several movies reaching top 50 and being featured on the Front Page, we are excited to kick our shit into gear with a brand new event!

Make sure to support the burger day BBS topic as well, and of course MAKE FLASH!

And as always, be sure to check out the digital hub for your StrawberryClock lifestyle,


Posted by CorpseGrinderClock - August 17th, 2011

Well folks, we did it! Ten years capped off with a spectacular Clock Day!

We had some amazing submissions this year, and were reunited with some old friends who we had not seen in a long time.

In particular I would like to thank OrangeClock, RaspberryClock, and AppleClock, who made an appearance this clockday, for finding the humor in it all and founding this fine crew and providing us all with so much fun.

This Clock Day was made particularly special by the efforts of PineappleClock and ClockradioClock, as well as several others, who worked very hard and completely revamped the Clock Crew home page, bringing with it a surge of activity and clock spirit.

And I'd like to personally thank StrawberryClock and all the other fine clocks with whom I've had the privilege of collaborating with and who have supported these movies with their 5's and 10's. These dickweeds are what clock day is really all about.

And alright fine thanks NG for doing your thing too, much as we poke fun at ya we wouldn't be around otherwise. You know you like us too...we have the trophies to prove it.




When The Clocks Go Marching In

Posted by CorpseGrinderClock - February 6th, 2011

Exciting stuff going on folks. I have several new movies in the works and this month have produced three flash works and begun more.

The three this month are:
Citreous Humor
Portal Me Tender IV
Tiptoe Through the Tulips

As Newgrounds is undoubtedly aware, we've recently had a flash flood, and a barrage of flash by fantastically more motivated and productive individuals such as
Pop-Tart, Blob, and Satellite, and many many others who kicked ass and took names. You're liable to see a bunch more flash from the tick tock fellas in the near future so stay tuned and keep fivin'.

I'd also like to acknowledge all the folks who helped Tiptoe Through The Tulips make it to the top 5 until folks realized it was a clock movie and voted it down. Silly Newgrounds! StrawberryClock is the King of the Portal.

The Triumph of Clock

Posted by CorpseGrinderClock - August 18th, 2010

Rise and shine newgrounds, hot off the press is the newest genre-changing flash masterpiece which shall soon be rocketing up the all-time scoreboard.

On a pleasant note, I was impressed with some of the non-clock contributions made this year, and am glad to see talented artists and animators contributing--you fellas are welcome at the boards any day of the week--as to the rest of you...unfortunately for you, whoever watched the aforementioned movie without the love of strawberryclock in their heart* has just been bathed in radiation invisible to the naked eye from their monitor. You now have acute lymphoblastic leukemia and acute monocytic leukemia. Fortunately, the radiation emitted from this unrelated innocuous flash movie has shown about a 70% better survival rate than chemotherapy, not that you'd be interested in that...

* also everyone who has read this footnote.

Mrs. Fulp, are you trying to seduce me?

Posted by CorpseGrinderClock - June 12th, 2009

Hello Newgrounders and fellow Clocks!

I bring news of a horrible pair of movies in the future, one of which is already completed. If somehow the other is completed, then I shall be uploading both this clockday.

Currently there is no official clockday preloader so those who wish to throw their hat in the ring would do well to get started on it.

Also those who want to participate this clock day but don't have it in them to complete a full movie would still be able to participate in the Clock Crew's Ten Commandments of Health Collab, which still has several available parts.

And we may just have some other surprises for you as well. All will B revealed.

Clockday approaching!

Posted by CorpseGrinderClock - October 13th, 2007

You cannot kill strawberry clock.